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October 30, 2019



Coronavirus: It’s time to do some tapping to lower your stress level and boost your immune system!

With this coronavirus thrown violently at us, one of the best thing we can do for now is to boost our immune system. Of course, eating well, sleeping well and doing exercise are the first measures. But one more thing is equally important: lowering your stress level. Every day, with what’s being said in the news, all the speculations of each and every one, our anxiety and fear level has every right to hit the roof. Unfortunately, that’s not helping.

Unconsciously, we may think that if we are not scared, if we don’t feel fear, we may not stay safe, we may not take the measures to stay safe. We may think that we need to feel fear in order to remember that we have to wash our hands often, that we should stay at home, we should not shake hands, we should eat healthily.


The truth is we can take all these measures without being fearful. We can stay calm, relax, be open to new opportunities, allow our life to be turned upside down and accepting we have no control but keep faith and trusting that everything will be all right.


I know quite a few ways to remain calm throughout this time. Tapping is one of my favourite!!


As an acupuncturist, I am familiar with tapping into the energy of acupuncture points. But this time I am not using my needles. I am using my fingers to tap on acupuncture points on the hand and facewhile I am clearing old believes, negative thoughts and replacing them by positive, empowering ones.


This method is so powerful that i have used it for years!


I am offering online consultations. If you are interested, do send me an email if you need further information or would like to book.

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