A period in their lives where they need help, guidance and comfort.

Teenage girls have lots to handle at once. They start their secondary school, meet a total new (sometimes very competitive) world with new people, new subjects to learn, a whole pressure on their shoulders. They have the pressure to have friends, to identify to a group. Sometimes a leader, sometimes a follower, their lives fluctuates depending on what is going on in the moment. Not easy to keep up.

They develop independence from their parents and a whole new way of thinking which often brings up lots of conflicts at home.

And on top of all of that, as if it was not enough, they start having new feelings, about boy, girls, about their sexuality.

And, their body changes dramatically, like it never did before. And no matter how their parents or school prapared them for this, nothing can prepare them enough when their body changes dramatically and when they start bleeding. Phew!


So, in all of this very overwhelming period of their lives, girls can have very destressing symptoms that acupuncture and reiki can really help with:

  • Very painful periods
  • Irregular period
  • No periods
  • Very moody, stressed and overwhelmed
  • Skin problems
  • Sleep issue and so many other symptoms …

Acupuncture and reiki are two
modalities that are very efficient and help the teenager to feel better and
more balanced.

Up to 16 years old, the child will come with one of her parent or guardian who will benefit from ear acupuncture during the session if they want to.

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