PCOS is a metabolic disorder that can cause hormonal imbalance and symptoms such as irregular or absent of periods, fertility issues, weight gain, hair loss, acne, excess facial hair, fatigue, mood swing, high blood pressure, diabetes.
10% of women suffer from PCOS, even though many of them don’t know it. Their symptoms may have been diagnosed with PMS or they may have polycystic ovaries on the ultrasound scan but not the symptoms.

Ovulation and irregular/no periods

The imbalance of the sex hormones will interfere with the ability to ovulate. And if there is no ovulation, there is no periods. That’s the reason why many women suffering from PCOS have irregular or no periods.
In PCOS, follicles start to mature but for an unknown reason they fail to ripen properly or to be released. Instead, they stay in the ovaries and continue to produce oestrogen and not progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that prepares you for pregnancy if an egg is fertilised or for menstruation of no egg is fertilised.
Over time, more and more trapped follicles build up so that the ovaries become filled with the empty egg follicles, which are called CYSTs, and hard fabrotic growths.
For that reason, women can go without periods for years.
For other women, the endometrium (the lining of the womb) has become overgrown due to continual oestrogen production. It finally breaks down and women experience spotting or heavy bleeding. It doesn’t mean ovulation occured.
Sometimes, a follicle manage to develop fully, ovulation occurs and a new cycle begins.

What to do?

1. Women with PCOS should follow the advice on how to boost your fertility in 7 step.
2. Have acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture will help in many levels. It will help kick-starting absent periods and regulating menses, it also re-balance hormones, a key point in PCOS. It also helps releasing stress.




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