Castor oil pack for periods pain or endometriosis
March 30, 2021

Few key points need to be understood for PCOS :  PCOS is associated with insulin resistance. High level of insulin stimulates the ovaries so to produce a large amount of Androgen (the male

hormone, that is why women get male’s features such as facial hair)  which stops the ovaries to release the eggs, causing you not to ovulate which leads to irregular or no periods.

That means that you need to make extra effort on what you eat:  Plenty of water, unrefined complex carbs and avoid refined sugar. Plenty of wholegrain, fruits, vegetables, beans, nut and seeds. But careful of gluten and dairy! Good amount of protein: lean organic meat, eggs, pulses, beans, nuts and seeds. Good fat: evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, oily fish.

Vitamins : vit E is in avocado, eggs, seeds, nuts, broccoli.

Iron: eggs, fish, milk, dark green vegetables, lean red meat, pulses.

Zinc: seafood, wholegrain, oyster, dried fruits…

Vitamins B: avocados, lentils, watermelon.

Vitamins C


Vitamin A: carrots, tomatoes, mangos, pumpkins, cabbage, spinach, broccoli


Avoid at all cost : chemicals, pesticides, preservatives. Eat organic as much as possible.

No smoking, avoid alcohol and coffee.

Don’t use aluminium and make your own toiletry products (deodorant and facial cream for example).


Stress – Some studies have found that women who have PCOS don’t process the stress hormone cortisol properly. It would seem that they don’t have the enzyme cortisone that would inactive the cortisole. That means that you need to make extra effort to manage your stress. Stress can potentially interfere with hormones, ovulation and makes PCOS symptoms worse.

I highly recommend walking 1 hour per day in a park, surrounded by nature. Add some exercise during the week, 3 X 20 mins per week will be enough. If you exercise too much, your body will translate it as stress again!

We also need to work on your sleep, with acupuncture and reiki, as it can have an effect on your hormonal imbalance.

Also, look after your liver because it is the one organ that will get rid of toxins and excess hormones. That’s what you want! That’s where I believe the castor oil pack on the liver would work well. You will have all the explanation on here : Castor Oil Packs to Get Pregnant Faster ( Marc Sklar The Fertility Expert ) – YouTube

You can also use castor oil on the womb, it would really help your symptoms too (unless you wear an IUD, it may dislodge it!)

Finally track your temperature , cervical mucus, your sleep, energy level, mood and even what you eat daily. You will eventually understand what makes you feel better or worse and that is key: you need to understand your own body.

As an acupuncturist, reiki practitioner and fertility massage, I find that those three therapies are helping tremoudously on decreasing stress, improve digestive system, rebalancing hormones and regulate the periods.




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