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May 7, 2018
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May 7, 2018

Like most capital cities, London is dynamic, exciting, multi-faceted, infuriating, frustrating and exhausting in equal measure. You give it everything while you’re chasing your dreams and building a life, and it rewards and thwarts you in equal measure. As a London acupuncturist, I’ve found my own path for dealing with the unique stresses and strains of living in the capital.

One of the great – and few – constants of the city is the choice it gives us, in terms of what we want to be, who we want to be with, and what we want to do with our London lives. Similarly, we get to choose how we manage the stresses and strains to which city living inevitably exposes us, wherever we are in our London life journey.

Best choices

My own choice when it came to managing the stresses and strains of London life was to study complementary therapies and in particular acupuncture. Their role in rebalancing both mind and body can be immense. A holistic technique stemming from traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works not only to diminish chronic pain naturally but also to ameliorate the stress-related symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and depression that most people living and working in London will have experienced at some point.

Acupuncture works to remedy a wide range of physical and mental conditions. It is commonly used to treat persistent headaches and migraines, and chronic pain associated with the back, neck and more generalised arthritic conditions. It is also increasingly used as a complementary therapy alongside, and following, chemotherapy treatments. It works very effectively to enhance immunity and prevent a decrease in healthy cells.

There is also increasing evidence that acupuncture is an effective therapy against cognitive decline, stimulating neural response. It is frequently used as a treatment for patients suffering with mental issues, particularly associated with insomnia.

More generally, it is widely recognised as a means of rebalancing the body and mind, regulating stress and balancing hormone levels.

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