Rebalance the mind and the body
May 7, 2018
Role of acupuncture at key stages of ART/IVF
May 8, 2018


1/ Chinese medicine can be used to clear stagnation and blockages, supplement deficiencies, improve nutritional uptake and balance the internal climate.

This will have increased benefits if the client takes some personal responsibility in the path of optimum health.


2/ Active preconception plan

The most important aspects of conception are done weeks before a baby is made.

  • An egg ripens for about three months before ovulation
  • The sperm that will fertilize the egg takes 9 weeks to make


Taking active measures means both partners need to take a number of positive changes to their lives to improve their general health and create the best possible circumstances for conception, and this needs to take place several months before conception is planned.



Start by setting a pre-conception window to stop any contraception you are using (you can use condoms or a diaphragm during this period if you are not yet ready to conceive)

  • 18 months if you’re using depo provera or have a hormonal implant
  • 12 months if you are on the pill
  • 6 months if you’re fitted with an IUD


4/ Intercourse lubricants

A number of products used for lubrication during intercourse such as petroleum jelly or vaginal creams have been shown to affect sperm quality and should be avoided


5/Eat well

A balanced diet will help ensure that the body is healthy enough to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

This goes for men too as a healthy diet helps keep sperm production at an optimum level.


6/ Watch your weight

Being over or under weight can impact on the menstrual cycle

Eating disorders in youth can have a major effect on fertility in adulthood

Excess weight can have a deleterious effect on conditions such as PCOS


7/ Cut caffeine consumption

A high caffeine consumption has been linked to a delay in conception and to a higher rate of miscarriage

8/ Cut alcohol consumption

Alcohol affects fertility in both males and females and can increases the risk of miscarriage


9/ Stop smoking

Smoking affects fertility in both males and females and can result in premature or under-weight babies


10/ Avoid drugs

Both medication and recreational drugs may lessen the chance of conceiving.

People taking medication should ask their GP about alternatives (if possible)


11/Take supplements

Women wanting to fall pregnant are recommended to take 400mcg of folic acid per day to protect against pregnancy complications such as spina bifida


12/ Stay cool, boys

Maximum sperm production happens when the testes are a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body, so switch to boxer shorts and loose trousers, and avoid saunas and hot baths.

Laboratory experiments have shown that just 24 hours of raised scrotal temperatures can cause a malfunction in sperm production.

Sperm take about 9 weeks from creation to ejaculation, so men may need to make lifestyle changes well in advance of trying to make their partner pregnant.


13/ Exercice

Regulate moderate exercice of about 30 minutes per day helps maximise fitness and keeps the weight in check

It also produces endorphin which help the body to relax


14/ Relax

Stress is often a factor in infertility.

Don’t forget that sex is an expression of both love and lust, not just a matter of procreation. It should be fun.

Take enough breaks – Babies are often made on holiday.



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