Preparing your journey to parenthood
May 7, 2018
Rebalance the mind and the body
May 7, 2018

Life is a journey, and if we’re lucky we get to take the longer, more scenic route. Getting older can be filled with anticipated pleasures, but we all accumulate baggage along the way, and this can often manifest in mental and physical conditions which need to be addressed. A London acupuncture clinic makes a great first port of call.

City living

Living in London, there’s an accumulated wear and tear of surviving and thriving in an energetic capital that demands energy from you, whatever your age.  So much of the stress and the physical exertion we put ourselves through in our youth and middle years only manifests later on in life. Whatever our personal and career trajectory, whether we’re single, separated, married or remarried, whether we’re continuing to work or have opted for retirement, accumulated stresses and strains make themselves known.

Third age symptoms

Physically, these can manifest as general aches and pains, lowered immunity to infection, or a range of more serious illnesses. In terms of our mental health, increased loneliness in older age can prompt pre-existing mental health conditions, and predispositions to anxiety and depression.

Whereas in the past we may have been able to neglect mental and physical symptoms, pushing their consequences ‘down the line’, there are now fewer excuses for deferring treatments and delaying dealing with what may have become serious impediments to wellbeing.

Total harmony

Acupuncture works to restore a natural balance, both to the body and the mind, through the structured release of endorphins which naturally manage pain, and of serotonin which regulates pleasure, encouraging physical wellbeing and mental health. Through its manipulation of recognised body acupoints it restores a better connection of body and mind, which is increasingly recognised by medical authorities as a key to ameliorating physical and mental ailments.

If you find that you have issues with depleted energy levels, general aches and pains, or are suffering chronic conditions, you may want to look into the benefits of acupuncture. For more information about Bricet Acupuncture, or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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