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May 28, 2019
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Whether I’m working with a pregnant women or I remember the time I was pregnant, I cannot forget how vulnerable a woman is during pregnancy. Physically she is limited by her weight and her


movement, caring for the unborn baby that she is carrying. Emotionally, she is often more sensitive. Huge changes are occurring. She is on a fast-track to motherhood and it may already be taking its toll. Indeed, she may already have children with needs to attend to.


Acupuncture and reiki are powerful modalities for a pregnant woman. Together, they are both gentle and holistic. The woman will feel more relaxed after the treatment, her body benefiting from the gentle and the caring treatment whilst feeling its efficiency. The holistic approach, supporting mind, body and soul, ensuring we remember that they are all linked.


Acupuncture and reiki are great for all stages of the pregnancy.

For the first few weeks, the treatment is great for combating morning sickness and can reduce the risk of miscarriage.

As the pregnancy develops, the treatment helps with general sickness or pain, acupuncture improves the immune system and helps the body to heal itself.

From 36 weeks, it is time to prepare the body and the mind for the birth. It’s natural to feel a lot of fear at this stage along with tiredness induced by the pregnancy. They often want the baby to come quickly. They are tired of feeling tired and tired of feeling heavy. The baby can’t come soon enough! At this time, acupuncture can be an amazing treatment to help women cope with the last few weeks of pregnancy, helping to prepare physically and mentally for the birth and the next chapter of life.

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