Step 1: Manage your Weight

Whether you are carrying too much fat or not enough, weight is an important factor to get pregnant. Managing your weight can improve your fertility.

Step 2: Be Fit

Exercising regularly can improve drastically fertility for both partners. It also reduces stress, lowers blood sugar levels, boost blood circulation, improve your sleep, promotes insulin efficiency (important for PCOS sufferers), reduces the risk of heart disease and diabete, improve mental and physical wellbeing, improves blood supply to your reproductive organs.

Step 3: Manage your Stress

Menstrual cycle disturbances and fertility issues can well be due to pressure you are under. It’s not unsual to see women getting pregant once the pressure they’ve been under is lifted.

Stress can also produce unhealthy sperm and eggs which usually results in miscarriage. It also can affects the libido because they can have a knock-on effect on the hormones oestrogen and testosterone that power sex drive. Not having enough sex or not enjoying sex is a prime cause of infertility.

Stress is unavoidable. However you can manage it. And recognising that you are under pressure can be a crucial first step. Acupuncture can help you managing your stress.

Step 4: Eat Healthy

Fertility can be improve by what you eat. A healthy balanced diet in the preconception period will boost your fertility. It will also regulate your sugar level. If your sugar level is not balanced, your hormones which control your fertility will not work properly.

Step 5: Stay away from Toxins

There are now over 300 chemicals that didn’t exist 50 years ago, all of them collecting in your body, robbing you of your nutrients and interfering with hormones. Our bodies need to work hard to process them and to get rid of them. In the process of metabolizing and detoxing them, our bodies also loose vital nutrients, and some are important in fertility.

Avoid processed food and eat fresh and local, loose weight, avoid aluminium, check toiletries and cosmetics you are using, refuse mercury fillings in dentistry, limit computer time, check electromagnetic radiation.

Step 6: Are you ready for a Baby?

Emotional and psychological factors can be the reason of not getting pregnant. What having a child means to you? Can you visualise yourself? How do you feel about being a parent?

Your mind and your body is connected. Make sure you recognise what your inner believes are as they are powerful tools that influence your body. If deep down, you have negative believes about your capacity in being a parent, your body will feel it and shut down.

Step 7: Enjoy your sex life

Enjoy lovemaking and have sex as much as you can. Relax and be satisfied. It will boost your fertility.